March 3, 2013

Pretty Flying Bugs

By now you might be asking, when will the card sets end? Not for another 10+ sets, I’m afraid.

This is a set of rather simple one layer cards. I used Beautiful Butterflies by Maile Belle. It’s a fabulous butterfly set.

This one is my favorite of the set.



Here, the beautiful butterflies morphed into marvelous moths.


And since we are on the topic of moths. Next up is a picture of my Cecropia moths mating this summer. The female is on the right. They coupled for 24 hrs. Her size grew while his dwindled. He gave all he had to give. He died the following evening. She laid 163 eggs over 48 hrs. Then I set her free and she flew off, possibly to lay a few more eggs before dying.





Stamps: PTI Beautiful Butterflies, BB: Super Stripes, Happy Trails


  1. These are all beautiful. I love that set--you are making me want to pull it out. And, what's with the pet moth? Very cool.

  2. More gorgeous cards Kate! I love the way you stamped the ink pins with the ink spot and then the butterflies. All of them are wonderful! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Wow! These are absolutely stunning! I really like the first card with the pens and butterflies - brilliant! The photo of your moths is wonderful!

  4. Amazing cards Kate...I am so impressed with your creativity and how you used all those stunning butterflies. I just ordered this set minutes ago and I am so happy that I did. Fabulous cards!

  5. These are all beautiful! Love them!

  6. I love what you've done with this set with all those layers and colors. My favorite part are the envelopes, though. Really completes it all - I like your style!

  7. Hey - Min - a SOOOO - ta! I'd love to have you show up at my church sale!! LOL!!! Absolutely love your beautiful butterfly designs - the pen and ink spots is so clever! Very interesting info on your mating Moths!

  8. This is a new make of stamps to me Kate and the cards you have made are fab-u-lous!! Love all the overstamping and the colours are so vibrant. Thank God I'm not a moth, no time for cardmaking:)
    Val x

  9. Sorry Kate the designer is new to me and not the stamp company!

  10. Kate I love your cardsets...
    don't stop because I am racking up all kinds of ideas to have on hand for quick gifts! :)
    And I'm adding these to the pile...
    they are all fabulous...
    I can't say that I love one color combo or layout more than the other...
    I love them all! :)



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