March 20, 2013

Initial This, Please

It’s more cards inspired by PTI’s February blog hop. I wasn’t ready to quit the monograms so I made a few birthday gifts for friends of a friend.

Every time I process my pictures, I say to myself that I really need to adjust my lighting. I never do. Awhile back I changed/added some new fixtures to the track lighting in my craft room and never made sure that my picture-taking area was properly illuminated. Today’s pictures are pretty moody looking.

I used SU! for this set and PTI ink for the rest of them. I really love the swirly, ribbon-like images included in PTI’s Mini Blooms set.



These are no-fold cards. I made 12 of them. It took me so long to get the name lined up that I wanted to make the most of it. Hence, two sets.


Hmmm, looks like a shadow of my head. Sorry, I’m too lazy to use a tripod. Normally, I get the picture in focus, move my head away and take the shot. Think I forgot the critical step this time.


This next set was serendipity. A perfect fit. Couldn’t have planned this.


I’m beginning to question whether I even processed this image. My saving grace, you ask? This isn’t a photography blog. ;P Nonetheless, I thinks it’s time I stepped up to the plate and got things straightened out.


Stamps: PTI Mini Blooms, Super Stripes, Headline Alphabet, Fresh Alphabet, Simple Alphabet
Ink: PTI; SU!
Paper: Neenah


  1. Wow.... these sets are all amazing! Beautiful!

  2. Wow Kate your sets always just blow me away. The detail with the envelopes is fantastic!

  3. I bet your card sets go like hotcakes. These are lovely and would be a fabulous gift. I think your attention to detail is amazing.

  4. Two awesome sets. I love them both. How do you market yourself only to people who's name fits on a standard card size with the headline alphabet?

  5. Again Kate...
    these are incredible!!
    I LOVE that first one...
    just love!! :)
    I don't see how you got her name so straight...
    I would have went through an entire package of cardstock...
    and maybe had one to show for it. :(

  6. Oh I bet it took forever to line up those letters, but you did it! So smart to do two sets. One day I am going to try this and give as gifts… not sure why I haven't already… everyone ask. Your so good at making the most professional looking card sets. Love all of these Kate!

  7. Oh, cool! These look so super professional, Kate!! Loooooove the idea!!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  8. Kate - you should rename your blog to The Prolific Stamper! you just are amazing how you crank out the most amazing stuff... and so much. i don't know how you do it but I love it! I really need to make some card sets as gifts. i've only done it once. I'm in love with your MiniBloom sets - Mary's a lucky girl! and I am embarrassed to say I've got the set but I havent had a chance to ink it up even once! You're inspiring me :-)

  9. Kate - your cards are beautiful! I've looked back through your blog and your card sets are amazing! I would love to know how you get everything so straight on your cards. I have such trouble - especially with straight lines like super stripes. How about a you-tube video??? Pretty please!



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