February 8, 2013

Quilted Cards & A Stamp Storage Idea

No PTI Anniversary musing today. I guess I need to give the mojo a rest, or something like that. However, I do have some cards made with PTI’s Happy Hexagons set. I made these for an awesome woman who makes awesome quilts. I have four. Pookie has two and I have two. I should really post some pictures. Noted.

I thought the pairing of Happy Hexagons and Quilter’s Sampler only natural. On the first three cards I used the die cuts from the impression plate. Much easier than lining them up.




I scribbled the zig-zag stich on the next card. It masks the many areas I didn’t get the stamps to line up. Apparently PTI saw this coming with the crazy quilt sentiment!


Don’t think I could duplicate this. When the stamps line up, they just line up. I think this is my favorite of the lot.



Here I used a clear glaze pen to highlight the thread and birthday portion of the sentiment. I embossed the needle in silver. I paper pied the thread on the spool. Once again, probably couldn’t re-create this. I think the planets were aligned as far as the the background goes.



And now for the stamp storage bit. I have to thank Ms. Joyce for clarifying the issue. Her post brought it all home. Here’s a link to her blog as I couldn’t find the specific post.

ETA 2/9/13: Joyce was kind enough to provide me with a direct link. Here it is. Thanks Joyce!


I apply the sticker to the carrier sheets. Most often it matches up with minimal trimming. I then put the carrier sheets in a photo box (I bought mine at Michael’s). I include the matching die any any spare die cuts with the stamp set and divide the sets with a piece of cardstock. I label categories with a self-adhesive file tab. I am really happy with the way this works as I know what type of set of set I'm looking for more than I know its name.


Bonus fun facts nobody may care to know… I am a reggae fan-a-tic. ‘Nuff said. Love Buju Bonton (and oh how I wish I was his defense council) Bad me! (maybe I’ve said too much but still remain an upstanding citizen). Eastenders. L-O-V-E it. I guess we’re lucky to have it in Minnesota and our public television channel pays $15,000 to air approximately 96 episodes a year. Plus, we are seven years behind the currently aired episodes - please no spoiler alerts! Maybe I should move to the UK?


The important thing is to stamp what feels good! :)


  1. Oh Kate - you are a genius! These cards are just fabulous. I love the variety of colours and how they all look so different. Love the crazy quilt card best!

  2. Killer cards--all of them. Especially the one with the hand drawn zig zags. I love your stamp storage, even more than mine--more compact, and you save the cost of those storage folders. Anyway, I think this is the post you were looking for--if you want to update the link, and thanks for mentioning me. Glad I could be a bit helpful, and also you make me feel famous. http://cards-by-the-sea.blogspot.com/search/label/Organization

  3. A stunning array of cards Kate, love the theme and the sentiments are perfect! Reggae and EastEnders, heavens above, doesn't seem to fit the lawyer image:) Don't you need sub titles for EastEnders?!!!
    Val x



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