February 16, 2010

Just Ducky!


What could be better than one stamp company to love?

Well, my two baby cards combine stamps from both Waltzingmouse Stamps (WMS) & PTI. The plaid background stamp is from WMS (Off Beat Backgrounds) and the rest is from PTI (Bitty Baby Blessings, Vintage Labels, Mega Mixed Messages, Tiny Treats: Valentine, and Mixed Messages). Once I start using that WMA plaid background stamp I just keep going and going and going. Oh wait, that’s the energizer bunny!

As an aside… Speaking of Waltzingmouse Stamps, here is a fun tidbit for Claire. Where in the world is the largest amount of Jameson Irish Whiskey sold? Ireland you say?  Well, guess again. Minneapolis! Yes, that’s right,  the land often times associated with Scandinavians and Germans. Go figure, huh! Definitely something unexpected. Here is a link to the famous, or infamous, bar…http://www.the-local.com/about_us. I guess it’s all about the way the drink is served, which (I think) has something to do with ginger ale, mint leaves and possibly lemonade. I haven’t ordered the drink myself; I’m definitely more of the beer-type.


  1. Your cards are very cute. What a good idea to add this tiny wave... I'll stole it ;-)

  2. That is one cool looking bar Kate! Would never have thought it!! LOL, yep those folks know what they are doing!!!

    I love the cards, the plaid is terribly addictive but the absolute cutest bit are the wee water waves under the ducks, genius woman!!

  3. The Local is a fantastic bar. Food is great, atmosphere is fun, it's a hopping place. Did I mention the food? It's the reason I go. :)



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