January 26, 2010

Ebb & Flow

Happy New Year to everyone! Blogging is hard work… or it at least requires some form of discipline I lack. Well, onto the project. Hopefully, I will wrap up my Christmas posts and move on to Valentine’s before St. Patrick’s Day! I made this house as a present for my special neighbor-friend. I used a lot of glue and glitter. My inspiration came from this post of Ms. Derby’s. I confess: I stalk her blog like a fiend. The woman is uber creative…and also the consistent type of poster that I so admire! She is an inspiration!

Home Made 1

Home Made 2

Home Made 3

Home Made 4

While I am at it, next up is another PTI My Timeless Template that I gave to my niece.

Pointsettia Purse

And then last up to round out Christmas 2009 is yet another PTI My Timeless Template that I gave my cousin.

Coffee Gift Bag

So, I now have joint physical custody of a Cricut. It has been an obsessive hate/love relationship, in exactly that order. I am looking forward to no longer having to cut out my templates! YAY!!!!


  1. I love your house, it is fabulous! This was the first timeless templete I ever purchased and it has been so much fun to play with.

  2. Beautiful!
    Joint custody, did you write up your own legal agreement? :>) I like that idea!! My friends and I always say that we will share stamps, etc, but that is hard because sometimes you want something right away. With a Cricut though and templates it just may work out! Let me know.

  3. I love the house, so sweet. And it is the templates that are driving me to drink so to speak! I cananot print them on the cardstock, cause I have an HP printer, with the full turn around that jams.

    Anyway, before I babble on, is there a way with the Papertreyink templates to cut them on the Cricut? I know they are doing something like that with the newer ones, but the house has to be done by hand, correct?!


  4. All the projects you shared are just fabulous Kate! Looking forward to many more:)!

  5. AHA!!!!I know you now!!! you're the girl whose cards I spent hours drooling over in the pti gallery!!! especially the guidelines cards!!! How'd I not see your blog till now!!! you're going on my blog roll ASAP!!! hugs, Claire



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