January 26, 2010

Ebb & Flow

Happy New Year to everyone! Blogging is hard work… or it at least requires some form of discipline I lack. Well, onto the project. Hopefully, I will wrap up my Christmas posts and move on to Valentine’s before St. Patrick’s Day! I made this house as a present for my special neighbor-friend. I used a lot of glue and glitter. My inspiration came from this post of Ms. Derby’s. I confess: I stalk her blog like a fiend. The woman is uber creative…and also the consistent type of poster that I so admire! She is an inspiration!

Home Made 1

Home Made 2

Home Made 3

Home Made 4

While I am at it, next up is another PTI My Timeless Template that I gave to my niece.

Pointsettia Purse

And then last up to round out Christmas 2009 is yet another PTI My Timeless Template that I gave my cousin.

Coffee Gift Bag

So, I now have joint physical custody of a Cricut. It has been an obsessive hate/love relationship, in exactly that order. I am looking forward to no longer having to cut out my templates! YAY!!!!


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