December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Napkins

These are the napkins I used for Thanksgiving. My dad refused to use his, which made me chuckle. The napkins were also a PTI GSS submission.

I decided against giving them as a gift because I wanted to see how they would fare through use and washing. I would hate to give a gift that became non-existent after the recipient washed it one time. So these napkins became my test case.

I used a combination of PTI’s hybrid dye & pigment inks. Hands down, I prefer the pigment inks. The pigment inks make it so easy to get great coverage. I am impatiently awaiting the release of any new color. I bought the napkins at Wal-Mart. They come in a set of two for $4.  The fabric stamps wonderfully; the coverage is great and it retained detail famously. I made sure to wash the napkins without fabric softener or dryer sheets. I didn’t iron the napkins before stamping them; I took them out of the dryer and smoothed them down. Amazingly enough the napkins were rather wrinkle resistant, which it unheard of with inexpensive fabrics.

Thanksgiving Napkins 3

Thanksgiving Napkins 5

I modeled the napkin rings after a ceramic set I already had. I used a strip of acetate to copy the ceramic shape and length. I made the width a bit wider than the grosgrain ribbon I was using. I simply taped the ribbon to the acetate.  Stamping PTI’s pigment inks on ribbon is easy, fun, and you get great results.

Thanksgiving Napkins 4

I washed the napkins in cold water with Woolite, the type made for dark fabrics. I included one napkin that I didn’t wash for comparison (the napkin in the  ring). The Orange Zest is really the only color that faded and it didn’t fade much. I think I might even like the slightly muted colors better in this particular application.  I am please with how things turned out so I will be making more in the future.

Thanksgiving Napkins 7

Thanksgiving Napkins 6

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  1. Great idea - love the way you stamped the ribbon!



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