November 11, 2009

A Great BIG “Thank You!”

This post is waaay wordier than normal, but it needs to be.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. I am very appreciative that you took the time to comment on my work. It really means a lot to me. I also say thank you to those who are now following my blog; I am humbled and flattered. Jiminy Cricket, I might even say I feel a wee bit pressured to perform!  Well, the truth be told I really didn’t want to be the only one looking at this blog ;)! I have to say that I am sporadic, so please don’t give up hope! I don’t want to bore you with the details of my life, I will put you to sleep with all the excitement, but finals are coming up and I have been far from focused this semester. Time for me to get back on track!

I would like to answer some questions that were left for me…

Here is a link to Jodi’s 20 Card Box on SCS (Lois,whew, I am glad I was able to find the link! it has been a while and I was hoping I could still find it.). I used this template to create a monogrammed card box as a birthday gift:

For Jackie, I bought the boxes I used for my Halloween treats in the craft dept. at Wal-Mart. The brand is “Best Occasions” and I found them in the bridal section. They come in clear and plain white and cost between $18-19 for 50, plus you get ribbon and tags. I thought it was a pretty good deal. Wal-Mart has some neat items in that section (Wal-Mart if you’re listening there is nothing like a corporate sponsor!!!). I found another little something there that caught my eye for a project which I have yet to complete, but I will be posting it at some future date (How’s that for a hook!!!).

Rose, I found you too! I am all about blog stalking, that for sure. Now, I need to actually start commenting to let all the creative ladies know exactly how much I stalk and appreciate their work!

Niki, thank you! I saw your link today!!!

And lastly for Nichole, thank you very, very much. You are more than an inspiration. I am so very touched by your comments.

And for you brave souls who have read on ‘till the very end, some visuals!!! Thanks again!!!!!!

Enjoy the Ride


This card is CASE’d (still not 100% sure what this means) and inspired by Nichole Heady.

Fully Reocvered 2

As is this card! :D I say there is no need to reinvent perfection, right?

You're So Sweet

ALL supplies are PTI.


  1. Thank you for the follow up comments on your blog today. You have given me so much inspiration in your exciting and fresh designs. Now, I just need to finish organizing and get myself stamping on a regular basis. Maybe stay of the computer would be a good start. LOL. Hugs and Blessings

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for some eye-candy, too!


  3. Thanks for more eye candy - the last card is wonderful, plus I have that set, so now I have a great new way to use it!

  4. Your cards are fabulous! I love all the white stitches on the black and red one! Beautiful contrast! I know there are several explanations for CASE, but I've been under the impression that it means Copy And Share Everything. Some say copy and steal everything, but I prefer the word share:)

  5. Love these too, especially the colour combo on the first two!



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