October 17, 2009

Tea Time Coasters & Cards

Here are better pictures of the coasters and cards, which are part of my “Tea Time” ensemble. You can see a photo of the complete set here. Dawn McVey’s use of cork inspired my project. I first used a very thick and shiny self-stick laminate, which looked terrific, but when I put a glass on the coaster it slid off. I ended up using self-stick laminate I bought at an office supply store, worked like a charm.

Back View of Coaster

Tea Time Coasters

Tea Time Cards & Coasters


  1. This is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've recently bought the Tea for Two set from PTi and you've given me some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Can you give a bit more specific directions. I would love to do this project with a stamp class I teach. Thank you ahead of time.



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